Memorial Day Weekend

 My parents and Sarah came to visit last weekend, and we had such a great time. It was a weekend full of projects, but that's how it always goes when Dad's around. :) They were a huge help so we're really thankful they let us put them to work. We did give them most of Sunday off, for the record. The biggest project was painting the dining room, foyer, and hallway (which are all pretty much connected). Not that anyone probably cares, but we painted the dining room two-toned because of the chair rail and continued the top color into the foyer, since the foyer leads directly into the dining room. Then we used the bottom color in the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. I'll post before and after pictures here soon so you can appreciate the work we did. It makes a big difference, I promise. Plus, painting always makes the house feel more like our home, ya know?

While Sarah and Deric worked on the second coat in the dining room and Mom decorated our living room, Dad taught me how to sand this coffee table that I picked up at Goodwill for $10. I originally wanted to stain the entire thing, but if you notice the very curved legs, you know that sanding the entire thing would take way too long. New plan is still in the works, but the table already looks better with the stained veneer taken off the top.

Dad moves quick:)

 We also treated the top of that desk (in the corner of the pic) to cover up some water marks. The desk was in my room growing up and I believe was used by my grandparents as well. Its going to be my sewing table once we clear a space for it in the house..

After working almost all day Saturday, I promised them a break on Sunday after church. We had lunch outside on our new patio set (thanks to M&D). Eating outside really made it feel like summer has officially begun. Love it!

Sarah was in charge of setting the self-timer, and she snuck in a few pictures she knew we would love. We'll probably blow them up to 8x10s and hang them in our living room. You know, like a series of portraits? It'll be very classy.

So, a big thank you to Mom, Dad, and Sarah for all their hard work over the long weekend! And for hauling a trailer full of all the contents of my childhood bedroom. And for setting up our washer and dryer (first time in 11 months we've been able to do laundry in our own house). And for buying us patio furniture. And for driving 16 19 hours due to crazy traffic incidents on the way home. We had such a fun weekend and miss you already!

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