Before & After: Our Bedroom

This is our bedroom a few weeks after we moved in. 

I'd managed to paint the baseboard, windows, and one set of closet doors white, but hadn't gotten around to anything else (still haven't, three weeks later).

The walls were a brown-gray color depending on whether it was day or night. Not exactly my favorite color, so we picked out a million shades of blue and green to choose from. 

We originally wanted to pick a green to go with the bedding but we couldn't find a green that wasn't too bright, too childish, or too minty. So we picked a shade called "Filmy Green" (sounds gorgeous, huh?) that actually looked more like a blue/gray with a tiny bit of green. Our room tends to be pretty dark during the day, so we figured a light color would brighten up the room without actually being too bright.

Here's the after.

It didn't turn out like we'd planned. Don't get me wrong-- we like it-- but its not the blue/green/gray we'd hoped for. Its more of a very light blue/green that reminds me of beach houses. And its definitely an improvement over the previous color, but now the sheets clash pretty badly with the walls. Thankfully, I don't think you can really tell in these pictures. :)

 I wish the color was more accurate because then you'd be able to see the true color of the middle pillowcase, which is a deep teal. Once I finish the current round of laundry, I'm gonna switch out the green pillowcases for the teal because teal complements the walls much, much better. One perk of the now non-matching green is that I have a reason to make the bed every morning, if only to hide the green sheets. Shh.

Feel free to offer suggestions for something to decorate this wall, which happens to be the only wall in the room without windows or doors. A painting? Collage of frames? Shelves? I don't like bare walls, but I have a hard time deciding what to hang.

And I'd also like something above the dresser as well. More suggestions, please.

Ya know how I said the color didn't turn out like we'd planned? You may not notice a difference, but here's the paint swatch we used. Filmy green is (obviously) the swatch with the big ol' sticker. But in real life (and maybe on camera...), the walls match the top color instead. We double-checked the sticker and it does say Filmy Green, but trust me. It's not.

But its certainly not different enough to repaint. We like our little beach house bedroom. :)

Update: We upholstered a headboard! Check it out.


  1. I know what you mean about paint colors and such; they sometimes don't look the same on the paper as they do on the walls. It's all about lighting, etc.

    You might consider a big mirror over the dresser. It will make the room look bigger and bounce some light around the room depending on which window the light is coming through. You could go to the thrift shop and get a frame and paint it (maybe matching one of the colors in your bedding to tie it in) and get a cheap mirror there too.

    You could also make a headboard with some plywood, batting and a decorative sheet. If you find a set of sheets you like you can use the pillow cases on the bed then use the rest of the sheeting you don't use on the headboard to make curtains. Just a thought . . .

  2. Good idea! I've thought about making a headboard, but didn't consider using sheets..or making curtains from the sheets. You're so smart ;)