Maple Roasted Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

Yet again, I found a great recipe through Pinterest. Originally from Real Simple, this recipe was posted on Handle the Heat. It was an easy meal to make: throw in some bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs, chop up two sweet potatoes and a yellow onion, add spices and let it cook for an hour or so. [Well, basically. That's not the actual recipe.]

Deric and Chad both loved it, but then again, that doesn't tell you much. They'll eat anything they don't have to prepare. And poor Chad only eats frozen meals (or fast food) when he doesn't eat with us.

ready to go in the oven

My verdict? Very good-- the chicken was sweet and flavorful; the sweet potatoes and onions were really soft. An added bonus is the very short preparation time-- maybe fifteen minutes to chop everything, flavor it and throw it together. Next time, I'll probably add an extra sweet potato because I thought the potatoes and onions were a little too soft from absorbing the chicken juice. An extra potato would probably fix that problem. (Side note: be sure to stir the dish once while cooking! I forgot, hence the burned edges of anything touching the side of the dish.)

Overall, the recipe was a success. I'm always happy when I find a recipe I can add to my not-so-limited-anymore-thanks-to-Pinterest rotation of meals. And Deric and Chad are happy, too.

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