What to Do with a Bushel of Apples

This post is really, really late, but I had forgotten about it until I saw the pictures in iPhoto. My Grandad brought us a huge bag of apples when he came down for Thanksgiving (told you- late!). They're from his orchard and I don't remember what types of apples they were, but they were delicious. The only problem was that there was no way Deric and I could get through all the apples before they went bad if we only ate a few a day.

So, I figured this would be a good time to try making applesauce in the crockpot. When I googled 'crockpot applesauce', so many results came up that it was hard to narrow it down and pick someone's recipe. I ended up choosing Megan's recipe over at What Megan's Making. Her website is full of recipes and mouthwatering pictures (which I have not yet mastered, sorry).

Making applesauce in the crockpot is so easy. A ton of apples (literally) + water/apple juice + sugar + cinnamon + a pinch of salt = applesauce. The only drawback is peeling and slicing all the apples. I don't have one of those fancy peeler/slicer gadgets, so this was a little labor-intensive.

But after all the peeling and slicing, all I had to do was throw it together in the crockpot and let it cook on low for four hours. At the end of the four hours, I mashed the apples and added a bit more cinnamon. Done!

We had so much applesauce that we ate it for days. It was a good, healthy go-to snack---beats the tortilla chips I usually reach for. Next fall, I'll certainly be making more applesauce. And I'll be freezing plenty of it to have on hand through the winter. I need more healthy food after all the holiday sweets. Anyone else going through candy withdrawal?

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