Switching Things Up

You may have noticed a little change in color going on over here...and you may have noticed the change that happened about two weeks ago. At the start of the new year, I figured that was a good time to redo my blog header and liven things up. I'd stared at that same header for a whole year and was kinda sick of its boring look. So a few weeks ago, I used this picture as my inspiration for new colors:

I love all those colors together (and you may notice I pretty much stole the idea of a circle around the ampersand), and I love the wooden background in it as well. I thought it'd be fun to use those colors on the blog because they're not at all my typical colors. I usually hate orange, and I usually hate purple. But they looked so good together in that picture that I figured I'd try them out.

Two weeks later, I couldn't stand looking at all that orange. So last night I found a different picture that I'd had pinned to my Colors board on Pinterest and used this one for new inspiration:

Its kinda beachy, but still a little out there for me. Red isn't one of my favorite colors either, but I love the blue and brown so it should work better than the orange and purple. Considering almost our entire house is either brown, tan, or blue, I think I'll be able to deal with this for the next year.

Anyway, useless post about completely superficial stuff. But I thought I'd explain the reasons behind the two switcheroos. But before I go-- if you like that red/brown/blue picture, go check out Design Seeds. Its chock full of color palettes and pretty pictures, and its where I found some color ideas for our living room.


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  1. Kinda funny because orange and purple are my two favorites!