Ants in our Pant(ry)

Our house is old. Not sure how old, but old enough that there are plenty of cracks and crevices to let all types of bugs into the house. Spiders, ants, even a caterpillar once (in the bathroom sink..why, and how?).  The ants are our most persistent house guests, and even though we have the bug guy spray pretty frequently, there's always an ant or two waiting for me somewhere. Our pantry is the hardest spot to patrol because it has very deep shelving and no light, which makes it easy for lots of ants to hide and food to be forgotten. So I've been on the lookout for cheap-ish glass canisters to store things such as flour and powdered sugar which once opened, can't be resealed tightly enough to keep the ants away. A good friend gave me a set of glass canisters for my birthday since she knew I needed them, and I decided to upgrade them a bit with chalkboard paint we had left over from another project (which I haven't shown you yet, but will eventually).

This project was so easy, albeit somewhat time-consuming. It required at least five or six coats of paint to really get the chalkboard feel but I would paint a coat, walk away for a few minutes, and come back for another coat. And while I was at it, I painted a few lids from mason jars for even more storage. Mason jars are the perfect size for things like cornstarch and powdered milk since I don't need huge quantities of them. Now, labeling the canisters on the countertop isn't really necessary. Obviously I know which is oatmeal and which is rice, but I decided to keep them consistent with the canisters I've stored in the pantry. Labeling the jars comes in handy when I'm digging through a dark pantry and can't tell powdered sugar from cornstarch, or Bisquick from flour.

Here's hoping the ants stay outta our house permanently! No more picnics in our pantry.

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