Back Home

After 12ish hours on the road, we got home from CIY late Saturday night. We were greeted by a massive tree limb that had fallen maybe a foot from my car (and I literally never park where I'd left my car for the week). The same storms that brought down the tree limb also caught our patio table's umbrella and slammed the table back down, resulting in a big ol' mess of broken glass that actually looks kinda cool. On a more positive note, while we were gone the corn got all tassel-y on top (a very good sign) and I picked a big handful of tomatoes to use in marinara sauce sometime this week. More to come about CIY-- it was intense, powerful and an absolutely fantastic week. When I finish processing everything that happened, I'll be sure to tell you all about it. But for the next few days, Deric and I will be sleeping, doing lots of laundry, and cleaning up the aftermath of those storms. It's good to be home!

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  1. I hope the clean up wasn't too bad. We had a bad storm last weekend, but my husband and I were very lucky, we didn't suffer any damage. Other's weren't so lucky.