Last week was a blur

Well, we're on our way to camp. No idea what happened to last week-- I swear we just got back from Michigan last night. But somehow a whole week passed and I don't remember anything we did. Lots of sleeping, I think. No cleaning, that's for sure, although we did do laundry but only out of necessity.

So fast forward to now and we're currently driving to camp. It's a middle school week so I'm preparing myself for crazy/messy games, lots of random conversations about weird things and regulating hygiene to ensure that these kids actually take showers and wear clean clothes every day. Way different from the high schoolers at CIY, so I'm trying to switch gears and remember what it was like to be in middle school. Yikes.

I had hoped to write about my experience at CIY before we left for camp, but I never got my thoughts together enough to form a coherent post. Those deeper, more meaningful topics are always a struggle for me to write about. (And there's no chance of it happening right now with songs blaring on the radio and chats about what will and what won't blow up in the microwave.) I do, however, have 500 pictures from CIY that do a pretty good job summarizing the week. But we're just about to the middle of nowhere and I'll be losing Internet any minute, so more to come after this week!

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