I've been up since 5am

Right now:

Sitting on the front bench seat of a rented fifteen passenger van with the window ledge digging into my back, cold AC blowing directly on me from the ceiling vent.

Seeing Savana on the seat next to me, curled up under her rainbow blanket and wearing tie dye. (She likes her bright colors.) Watching three high school boys beat each other up, and cornfields pass by in a blur of green with yellow tips.

Listening to said boys laughing so loud as they make fun of each other's moms and quote 21 Jump Street, their new favorite movie. Taylor Swift sings on the radio, and the boys haven't made any move to change stations; sometimes I catch one of them singing along.

Smelling (this is a pleasant surprise) nothing. The rented van is basically brand new and still has the new-car smell. My guess is a few more hours on the road plus a couple more fast food stops, and that new car smell will be a distant memory.

We're spending this next week in Michigan at CIY, a Christian conference for high schoolers. I'm excited-- CIY is motivating and challenging not only to the students, but also to me. I'm praying we all learn a lot and have a great time with each other. Bonus--we're escaping the extreme heat wave that's wreaking havoc on all the southern states! So I'm also praying that heat wave is long gone by the time we head back to Tennessee. Please, Lord!

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