Sneakity Peek

Deric and I have been incredibly productive this week. Every night we've been in the garage for a few hours working away on some fun projects. (All this productivity may or may not be linked to the fact that the Olympics are done and it only makes us sad to watch anything else on tv.) One more trip to Lowe's and a few more hours this weekend should finish up both of our projects, which would make this a new record for us. Gold medal, please. :)

Oh, I should share our jungle-turned-flower-bed that I worked on last weekend. I averted my eyes all summer from the trainwreck that was our front yard, purposely waiting for a cool, wet weekend that would make weeding conditions much more bearable.  It rained the entire week beforehand, making it super easy to yank out those stubborn weeds. An hour or two later, and it was like looking at an entirely different house.

Back in a few days with full pics of our newest creations!

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