Third Time's a Charm

This past week I took my third trip of the spring/summer down to Charleston to hang out with Sarah. I love how many opportunities I've had to go to the beach under the guise of visiting/helping Sarah;) Just kidding...kinda. Deric held down the home front while I was gone for a few days, hanging out with the high schoolers, playing ultimate frisbee, and otherwise enjoying the week as a bachelor. Sarah's starting her first year as a kindergarten teacher in just a few short weeks and she asked if I'd come help her get her classroom in order, which I was perfectly happy to help with. I love all things kindergarten: the bright colors, thematic posters, Sarah's "weather panda" with its raincoat and boots, colorful rugs, and teensy little cubbies.

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday whipping her classroom into shape: digging through boxes left by the last teacher, rearranging tables and chairs and bookshelves, and running errands to Walmart and the teacher supply store. We also managed to sneak in a few trips to local Goodwills, which are substantially better than the ones we've got around here. I found a few shirts for cheap, but Sarah seriously lucked out with 'teacher clothes': J. Crew capris for $3, Target boots for $5, sweaters, skirts, etc. Goodwill trips will now and forevermore be on my agenda for future Charleston visits.

On Thursday Sarah rewarded me with our customary cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a long-awaited trip to the beach, where I got fried as usual. (Yes Mom, there is a sun in Tennessee-- but there's no beach!) Thursday night we headed into downtown Charleston for a seafood dinner. Fried green tomatoes, calamari, peel & eat shrimp (plus a few Cokes) from the Charleston Crab House and I was in heaven. Foo, thanks so much for choosing such a gorgeous city to live in!

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