let's catch up

January is flying by--its been one month since Christmas and so much seems to have happened in those few weeks. So let's recap..

Christmas with Deric's family. Notice the passed-out baby. Opening gifts can be so taxing. ;)

Ultrasound appointment: its definitely a boy!

Deric's trip to Jordan to visit missionaries from our church.
clockwise from top left: Mt. Nebo // typical scenery // ruins of a Byzantine church // at the Dead Sea

Weekend in Indiana with my family while Deric was traveling. (Apparently only the littlest member of the family gets any camera time...whoops.)

Spring cleaning/nesting begins because you wouldn't believe the mess that is our two spare rooms. Baby boy won't have anywhere to live unless we do something about it. No pictures of the rooms/closets until I have a clean and organized 'after' picture to redeem myself, but I'll leave you with this shot of our donation pile (so far...more will be added I'm sure).

Its been a busy month, but I'm alright with that. Bring on springtime!

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