halfway there

Pre-pregnancy, I thought I'd take weekly pictures to document the growing bump. Then nausea and fatigue hit. Add to that the fact that I put on makeup only three out of seven days in any given week, and my photo ops were few and far between. So I've got monthly pictures instead, but with plans to document much more frequently in the future. 

For the past week now I've felt the baby move at least once every day. Deric's been able to feel a kick or two as well, which was exciting for both of us. And he's been seriously growing too--such a difference since 16 weeks (Christmas Eve, actually). I have to admit, I'm very glad to be out of the "I ate too much" phase and into the clearly-pregnant phase. I don't feel quite so judged when I go to the gym nowadays. Yes folks, its more than just holiday over-indulgence, thankyouverymuch. ;)


  1. You look beautiful! Really popped since I saw you at my shower!! <3

  2. These are great! You have really popped! Aaaand...it seems you dig stripes?

  3. Love the picture series. You look so cute!