weekend happenings

Last weekend was good and relaxing. We slept til double digits on both Friday and Saturday (minus brief stints to feed Jake, naturally) and hit up a friend's neighborhood pool for the afternoon on Friday. Not much actual swimming happened but poolsides are just perfect for reading. Nothing like diving into Harry Potter...again. Every summer those books make an appearance. ;) Per usual, Jake slept through most of the fun. 

On Friday night we ventured out to the drive-in movie theater in a neighboring town. I love that we have a drive-in theater nearby although the last time we went was during my grad year of college. I can't handle movies until almost 2 am very often, but it is always a great time. We went with a family from church and a few kids from our youth group and had a good time eating Japanese take-out and playing corn hole until almost 10:00, when the movies started. Epic was up first and was a cute animated film; Man of Steel played afterwards and I gave it about thirty minutes before I took a nap. Not the best Superman movie I've seen, but the nap was pretty awesome. By the time we got home and got Jake settled, 3am had come and gone so our Saturday was spent in total relaxation mode. 

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