Deric and I went on a date last night and left Jake with non-family babysitters for the first time (thanks Sara!). We definitely weren't worried about leaving Jake because the lady who watched him is a nurse and mother of two, but we did miss him a lot. Still though, it was nice to get out and just be the two of us. We ate dinner at Connor's and I got fantastic shrimp and grits while Deric ordered some fancy sea food combo. We didn't have any plans for after dinner and sadly it was drizzling all evening, so we wound up at the mall--which we rarely visit-- and wandered around, just talking and browsing. (We did take pics in one of those cheesy photo booths though, something we'd never done together!) As we were talking, we ended up planning a bunch of date nights for the next few months, like rock climbing and putt putt, so we've got a few dates to look forward to. I love spending time with Deric and I'm so glad he  insists on regular date nights!

(The new camera lens doesn't zoom, but it was fun (and funny) trying to get us both in the shot!)

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