first Father's Day

Deric's first Father's Day was an all-around good day. We started the day off with church and lunch with friends from out of town. From there, I took Deric to get his Father's Day gift-- a grill, because every dad needs one. ;) I had researched a few basic models the day before and the grill I decided on was only available at a Lowe's in northern Knoxville, so we took a little road trip to pick it up, followed by some free frozen yogurt. A few hours (and one serious nap) later, we wrapped up the day with barbeque chicken on the grill.

Deric's really risen to the challenge of being a good father and has taken such great care of both me and Jake. He takes the middle of the night feeding so I can sleep, gets me whatever I need while I nurse, bathes and changes Jake, and helps with everything else too. I love listening when he talks to Jake because he can't keep from "baby talking" and making up conversations between the two of them. I so look forward to watching their relationship develop over the years.

And speaking of dads, can't leave out my dad! Dad, I'm so thankful for you and the sacrifices you make to take care of your family. Even just a month ago, you worked tirelessly to take care of us while waiting for Jake to arrive. I hope you're enjoying having some of your grandkids with you this week!

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