coming in at two-foot-six

As you can imagine, trying to not only measure Jake but to take a picture of measuring Jake was a two-person, fifteen minute ordeal..but we were successful! I made this growth chart last summer and waited patiently to measure Jake until he could stand there on his own. My family has recorded our heights on the doorframe of the Port Hope kitchen and I love looking at how much we grew each year. But since we won't live in this house forever, the chart comes in handy because we can take it with us, ensuring that I can bribe Jake to stand still and take a picture for years and years to come. (He'll thank me one day.) I envision having a handful of these photos as he grows up, with the last one being his eighteen-year-old self standing a few inches taller than the chart (which is a six foot board set six inches off the ground, so you do the math...and Deric's 6'7, so there's a really good chance that picture will happen). According to our chart (and confirmed by the measurements at the doctor yesterday), Jake is a whopping 2'6. Two down, four feet to go!

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