Port Hope adventures

We spent most of the month of August in Port Hope with my family. It was such a relaxing break from everyday life (and everyday humidity) that it was admittedly a little hard to come home. The majority of our days were spent outside, starting immediately after breakfast...and some mornings, even breakfast was outside. Before we went to Port Hope, Jake was taking a few steps between me and Deric, but he became a full-on walker in Port Hope...all that soft grass plus cousins to tag along with was just the motivation he needed! We played with chalk, threw frisbees and played bocce ball, rode the new tractor all over town, and paddleboarded down at the lake (plus some scraping, sanding and painting, because no trip to Port Hope is complete without some house projects!).

I so look forward to annual summer trips with Jake and watching him make memories that will be so similar to the ones I made each summer in Port Hope. And man, I can't wait until he's big enough to sand and paint the house so he can take over for me! ;)

Deric had to go back to work after the first week, but Jake and I were lucky to stay for two more weeks. We missed Deric and my sisters and their families, but we still enjoyed the low-key days as we played with my parents and grandparents.

I took a million and one pictures because that's what happens when your kid is cute and the scenery is picturesque, so we'll split the pictures into two posts: here's the first week with the entire family.

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  1. I'm totally jealous of your summer in MI. It looked like wonderful fun and a great time with Jake!