let's just stay all summer

Deric and my sisters and their families had to head home after a week in Port Hope and while we missed everyone a lot, Jake and I enjoyed our remaining two weeks spent playing with my parents and grandparents. I miss the routine we slipped into, a routine that I would love to continue every day in the summer if it weren't oppressively hot and humid in Knoxville. But in Michigan, you couldn't not be outside all day every day. Right after pancakes for breakfast, we'd head outside and explore the backyard or walk down to the shore and play hard until lunch, after which Jake would nap solidly for three hours (which never happens at home, of course). Then we'd be back outside until dinner, followed by a bath and bedtime. I spent the remainder of each night knitting and/or reading next door with aunts, uncles and grandparents and later fell asleep with the windows open. Bliss, seriously. I am anxiously awaiting fall so we can get back into this rhythm!

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