17 months

Still stops to pick up every stick outside
Always pushes me to get in between my legs and the kitchen cabinets when I'm cooking
Says and identifies horses in books
Loves to bring us shoes from the mudroom (even the baseball-dirt-covered shoes, so this is a great habit)
Usually puts just one Croc on, on the wrong foot, and limps around the house
Shakes his head "no" when I tell him "no"
Recently taught himself to spin in circles on command
Starting to get a more...defined...palate.
Says "Mom" when referring to me or Deric (ha HA!...except not, 'cause its usually at 6am.)
Hyperventilates from excitement when the bathtub's filling up
Still throws his pacifier across the room as soon as he's awake from naps
Doesn't differentiate yet between "hug" and "kiss", so we get kisses for both, complete with "mwah!"

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