A Weekend Retreat

Deric and I spent last weekend with the other ministers at our church and their spouses, planning and dreaming for next year and simply spending some time together. We all stayed at a cabin in the mountains which was perfect for the drizzly, gray days! Thursday was spent in planning sessions and on Friday, we spent the morning hiking and then ate lunch at Smokin' Joe's, a locally owned barbeque joint that won me over as soon as I saw my Coke come in a massive Mason jar. That night, each couple went on a date and then we all met back up and stayed up talking for a while. We had a great time relaxing and spending time with people we see every day but rarely actually spend time with. And Jake had a great weekend too- Deric's parents came in town to stay with Jake and they played nonstop.

Next up on the docket during the busiest month this year, Charlotte for Sarah's baby shower!

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