weekend in the wilderness

Our annual camping trip was this past weekend, and fall weather arrived just in time! We went from 80 degree days all week to a high of 50 on Saturday, just right for sitting around that campfire...oh wait, I meant wandering around the campsite after Jake. He was such a trooper and was perfectly content as long as he could roam freely, examining every stick and acorn and pinecone. His little hands got red from the cold but for the life of me, I couldn't get him to let me warm them up by the fire. He didn't seem bothered by it though. On both nights, we got a middle of the night wake up call (the second night I woke up to a perfectly pronounced "Mom! Mom! Mom!"...seriously Jake, after all these months of only saying "Dad"?!) and after an hour spent trying to shush him so he wouldn't wake up the entire campground, we were all able to log a few more hours of sleep. Besides that though, his first camping trip was definitely a success. Oh, but I should note that we were NOT in a tent; we thankfully borrowed our friends' pop-up camper...and will never go back to a tent again. At least I won't, but I'm pretty sure Deric was spoiled by it too. We're all thankful to be back in our warm beds this week with the added bonus of Jake sleeping past 8:00 the last two mornings as he recovers!

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