a wedding weekend away

This past weekend one of my best friends from high school got married, and I got to fly home to be a part of the wedding. And bonus, my inlaws came into town to watch Jake so I could fly toddler-free (Deric was in Atlanta at a conference). So I lucked out and had a marvelous weekend to myself with plenty of time to catch up with friends I haven't seen in so long, plus a little time on either end of the trip to hang with my parents.

The wedding was unbelievably gorgeous, as was the bride. Cary Anne outdid herself and made everything about the wedding so personal, handwriting the menus and signs on top of the (donut!) cake, DIYing most of the decor, and choosing a beautiful venue that made quite the backdrop. It was great to spend most of Friday and all day Saturday with the bridesmaids as we went from rehearsal dinner to hotel to wedding. Cary Anne was so happy (and impressively calm) all weekend, and I'm sure she's thoroughly enjoying these first few days of married life. 

[photos from Cary Anne's Facebook, c/o her photographer (who I'll link to once I find her info!)]

Back home in Tennessee, Jake was definitely enjoying his grandparents' full attention. Because they can't make it to his birthday party this coming weekend, they threw Jake a party just for the three of them. They sent me pictures and video but I so wish I could have been there to see his reaction to the Thomas the Train balloon, hat, cake and even wrapping paper on his gift. As for his birthday gift, they got him legitimate golf clubs--no plastic rookie clubs here!-- complete with a bag and club head protector-thingies. (I'm perfectly fine with their funding of this rather expensive hobby assuming it leads to a nice scholarship one day.) I'm sure Jake will join his dad, uncle, grandpa and great-uncle on the golf course in just a few years.

As for Deric's weekend, his was much less relaxing than mine or Jake's but he still had a great time with the students in Atlanta. They visited the World of Coca-Cola factory, went out for milkshakes, and swam at the hotel in between enjoying what's always a fun and thought-provoking conference. We all had such good weekends that it was hard to get back into the routine, but we're celebrating Jake's birthday on Saturday so we've got another great weekend coming up!

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