Jake's second birthday shindig

We celebrated Jake's birthday on Saturday with a backyard cookout (just like last year) and despite a much-too-early-for-the-season high of 90 degrees, we all had a good time. We set out some yard games, grilled plenty of food and watched the kids play while we caught up with friends.

 Once the older kids started asking about cake, we sang happy birthday to Jake (who was mildly terrified) and let his friends blow out the candle for him since he's still working on his blowing skills. I made a brownie + ice cream cake topped with a toy train and it was simple, delicious, and made the birthday boy happy.

Jake's becoming more and more introverted lately so it was kinda hard to tell if he was enjoying his party, but I think a few highlights were popping bubbles, eating dinner with his friends at his tiny picnic table, and eating his cake. Definitely the cake. He had brownie and ice cream all over his face, his shirt, his hands...just as it should be on your birthday. We don't give him sugar often but he's definitely caught on that birthday = ice cream. (I actually mentioned his birthday in the car today to Deric and right away Jake started asking for 'ice keem'.)

We had a great night celebrating Jake's birthday with friends and I'm already looking forward to next year when he'll really catch on to the birthday thing and can have some input on all things party-related. It'll be fun to see what he comes up with.

His actual birthday is this Wednesday so I guess we'll just have to have a second round of ice cream to celebrate!

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