stretching our summer legs

For a while there at the beginning of May, I thought we'd completely skipped spring and jumped right into 90 degree days. Thankfully the temperatures have scaled back a bit and we've had some great spring weather, but even during those hot hot days I was just so thankful to be outside for the majority of the day. Its fun to do all those same activities we did last year but experience them completely differently, since Jake wasn't walking for most of last summer.

We planted our garden: tomatoes, squash, zucchini, green beans, and then lettuce, spinach and sugar snap peas all for the first time. Jake enjoyed digging through the dirt while I planted, and he helped dump the seeds into the holes when I had everything ready. I'm looking forward to Jake's first experience harvesting the veggies; if he's anything like his dad, he may eat the tomatoes right off the plant. Meanwhile, I'll be snacking on the green beans.

Playing with chalk has been a consistent favorite lately and I love seeing that little rear end covered in chalk dust. The other day he went on a graffiti streak and we found pink chalk lines on the van, the doors, the house...so now there's a firm rule that chalk is only used on the ground lest he continue this streak with anything ink-based down the road.

The clubs from his grandparents are still a big hit, but Jake is gonna need to put in some serious practice hours with a swing like that.

Even laundry is more exciting in the summer. Can you see that diapered rear?

Snack time selfies. Its near impossible to get this kid to smile for the camera!

Mother's Day this year was not the most exciting. Jake had a fever Saturday night into Sunday so we had to miss church and I was pretty bummed about it. We played outside for a little while but he started to wilt around 10 and I eventually put him down for a nap right at noon, no lunch or anything. Poor kid slept soundly for four hours and woke up happy enough for us to have a picnic at the park. A quiet day for sure, but I definitely didn't hate taking a nice long nap myself!

I love Jake's attempt to blow bubbles!

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