a week with Sarah & Joel

Sarah and Joel came to spend the week with us while Deric was at camp last week and we had such a great time. I so wish both sides of our families lived closer (like, in town) so Jake could grow up with his cousins and we could all trade free babysitting. ;) But until then, we'll keep making those long drives to spend time together. Jake loved Joel and talked about him constantly, both to us and to strangers/cashiers/anyone in the vicinity. I'm pretty sure he had some paci-envy as he constantly found Joel's pacis and put them back in his mouth. (We're also pretty sure Joel's working on some teeth so there were plenty of teethers to track down/share as well. Poor kid!)

While Sarah and Joel were here, we took them to our favorite park so "baby Joel see the train comin'" as Jake told everyone we talked to the entire week. He was just so excited to show Joel his favorite thing in the entire world.

We let the boys fingerpaint in the backyard and splash around in the baby pool, which was a big hit for both of them. We went swimming at a friend's pool one morning and visited the splashpad another morning. Sarah and I stayed up late most nights so we took full advantage of the boys' coinciding afternoon naps and napped ourselves, but eventually we had the energy to sew some projects towards the end of the week.

It was such a fun week that before we knew it, it was Friday night and we were treating ourselves to dinner + frozen yogurt to cap off the week. Now the house is too quiet and Jake and I miss our full-time playmates, but we're glad we got to see them for seven straight days!

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