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One of Jake's favorite places to play is on our bed, but only once its been made (go figure). He loves to bury into the pillows and then call out for us to come find him. It kills me to see blonde tufts of hair sticking out on one end and little pointed toes on the other end. Other times we find books or trains in between pillows.

These guys! Dad always gets the smiles.

First time using paint (outside, stripped down to his diaper, because I keep envisioning paint being trekked through the house and *shudder*). Jake really got into it and painted three or four coloring pages, so next time I'll probably get out some newspaper and let him go to town on a bigger "canvas".  Followed promptly by a dunk in the pool, of course.

When we hit up the library, I know I've got about three minutes to find some decent books before Jake's "wooking" at all the DVDs and bringing them crashing to the ground. That, or last time we were there, he climbed on top of the (kids) table to get to the *one* toy they have. Not really a big deal but he doesn't usually climb on things so that move surprised me, logical as it was.

Jake tried corn on the cob for the first time and loved it so much that I had to monitor him pretty closely to make sure he was actually eating corn and not the cob. I'm pretty sure he ate more than I did.

Visiting the horses that live kind of across the street from us.  We pass their pasture every time we leave the house and Jake is always looking for them. Of course, when I'm driving without him the horses are always right up close to the road but when Jake's with me, they're in the back lot where he can't see them. Cue frustrated toddler. So last Thursday when Deric was working late and I was out of ideas, we walked over to talk to the horses. Jake was fascinated and made sure to tell Deric how the horses were eating the grass. They must be pretty friendly because as soon as we walked over, the horses came right up to the fence. Maybe if we get to know their owners we can one day feed them something, but for now we kept our distance and watched them eat that grass.

Moving up to toddler (ie. sugar based, apparently) toothpaste has made toothbrushing a big deal around here. Jake's always trying to brush our teeth and that stuff tastes disgusting, let me tell you. We won't be buying sparkly blue toothpaste again because I swear its just sugar if he's that happy about it!

Brushing Teeth from Ashley Skinner on Vimeo.

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  1. Just great pictures and videos! Can't wait to see you all in Port Hope!