Father's Day 2015

This year's Father's Day was fun for both of us, even though I tried to make it all about Deric. But when he chooses to eat out for both meals its a win-win because I don't have to cook! I'm very proud of his excellent decision-making skills. I did make him a big breakfast before church and gave him his gifts, which he loved. While Sarah was here she wanted to do a Father's Day photoshoot for Drew, so I stole her idea and gave Deric a picture too. ;)

 ^is he not the cutest??

He also got a new baseball hat (which he gets every few years, so its not really a surprise) but this year was even better because I found Jake a matching hat. That morning I asked Deric to water the garden and set out his gifts and breakfast while he was in the backyard. When he came back inside, he saw the picture and hat but it took him a minute before he looked up and saw Jake in his highchair, wearing his onesie and his baseball hat and looking hilariously cute. 

After church, Deric and Jake helped me harvest veggies from the garden, which is one of Jake's favorite things to do now, and then I *tried* to get a few non-blurry pictures of the two of them in their hats.

^face deep in green beans!

That afternoon, Deric and I worked in our sauna of a garage building a toddler bed for Jake. That's a great dad right there--spending his Father's Day working on a project for his son. But he enjoys building so even though I kept telling him he didn't have to build the bed that day, he finished it after dinner and we both love how it turned out. We rounded out the day by watching the last Hobbit movie with friends and going to bed entirely too late. 

I could tell even early on in our relationship that Deric was going to be a great father, and he's blown away my expectations. Jake loves him so much that he has to give his daddy hugs twice before he leaves for work and even then, is still so upset. No one makes Jake belly laugh like Deric can (which makes me so jealous!) and even on days when Deric is exhausted, he still chases and wrestles with Jake as much as he wants. He talks often about experiences he wants Jake to have as he grows up and ways he can help him become a man of God. When I find myself worrying about Jake's teenage years and who he'll become, I remind myself that Jake first has God to steer him through tough times but he's also got an excellent example in Deric, so I have a lot of faith that Jake will turn out to be a good man. These two guys make my life so much better!

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