a few of my favorites from December

Less than one week until Christmas! I'm simultaneously wishing Christmas could be tomorrow...and wishing the holiday season could last for three more months. I can't waste even a minute without playing Christmas music in the house because I only get four weeks to listen to it! (Ok, I do actually listen to it into January because I have to just slowly let it taper off; I can't go cold turkey. Its so peaceful!)

The weather alternates between a high of 50 degrees and a high in the 30s the next day but regardless, we spend the majority of our days inside. Its a little frustrating to me but with Reid still so little, I have to remind myself that we'll get outside more as he gets older. And really its not so bad with Christmas music playing in the background while we play with toys or do some of the Christmas crafts I've pinned. ;)

We had a fun morning making this angel! Jake painted the toilet paper tube by himself and drew the angel's face with just some direction from me about using different colors for hair, eyes and mouth. I cut out the wings for him and he covered them with glitter glue, then we worked together to hot glue the halo inside the tube. And while we worked, we *both* memorized Luke 2:11-- listen to the video! Nothing cuter to me than that little voice reciting Scripture.

Luke 2:11 from Ashley Skinner on Vimeo.

A quiet afternoon, just me and Reid, while Jake napped. The tree in the background of the living room makes every day better! 

I took the above two photos and then came out from behind the camera to say hi to Reid and...

He smiles with his eyes ;)

Snugglin' in for Christmas movies!

The happiest flying baby!

Jake was *ready* for Christmas shopping!

Breakfast with friends! It was a genius idea--all parents of young kids are up at a godawful hour, so why not be awake and exhausted together?!

We had our friends over Thursday morning to bake sugar cookies with us. I'm pretty sure this was actually the first time ever that I've baked sugar cookies--my preference will always and forever be chocolate chip, with a rare sighting of gingerbread cookies most Christmases, but when friends will be over in an hour and gingerbread dough needs at least three hours of chill time, sugar cookies are the way to go. 

He's inherited that loving gaze at cookie dough from me. ;)

Jake and his friend were pretty skilled at rolling out their dough and using cookie cutters! And they were total masters at frosting and sprinkles.

A blurry but perfect capture of those cheeks and that little chin that juts out every so often! Little brother is starting to sit himself up pretty well!

This last weekend Deric and I had TWO kid-free Christmas parties in a row, the first with our church staff and the second with friends. It was such a nice change of pace to get a little fancier than usual! 

During this week leading up to Christmas, the holiday fun continues: we've got plans for those gingerbread cookies, a date to the movies lined up, dinner with our neighbors and a few more Christmas crafts to try out with our Frank Sinatra Holidays station going in the background! Merry Christmas week! ;)

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