two nights of Christmas lights!

One of my favorite memories of Christmas two years ago was taking Jake to see the Christmas lights at the park by our library and I was so glad we *just* managed to squeeze in a trip this year! Last night after dinner with our neighbors we went to the Cove, a park on the lake, to walk the loop through the park. There were so many fun lights to see but we walked pretty quickly because it was much colder than I anticipated! Thankfully Reid was asleep in his carseat nice and warm, so we didn't have to worry about him.

Tonight, we had dinner with friends and then loaded five kids up to check out the library park! It was not quite as cold tonight so the kids spent some time running around in between the lights. Jake loves these little friends, especially their oldest son. He takes such good care of Jake and Jake will do anything he does! Its so sweet to watch.

And now we're back home and Jake is *finally* asleep now that the hot chocolate sugar high is outta his system. Christmas Eve dinner is prepped, packing to go see family has started and just like that, its Christmas Eve!

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