six months with Reid!

Six months have flown by with this nugget keeping us busy every day! Having two kids has all the sudden hit me kinda hard, possibly because Reid has outgrown the sleep-anywhere-eat-anywhere newborn stage and we now need to cater to his schedule to keep everyone [him] happy. For the most part, he's a happy and easy going baby but he does much better if I can get him down for naps on time. He is a champion sleeper at night but naps can be hit or miss. He sleeps in the bassinet still because as soon as we lay him in the crib, he rolls over and wakes himself up (even completely swaddled!). Not really sure what to do to make that transition easier because Jake was content to lay still in his crib and Reid definitely is not. That baby rolls around constantly! I'll put him down on the rug and come back a minute later to find him up against the couch five feet from where he started. 

And man, diaper changes are ridiculous! How are babies so strong when they want to be?! I've never felt weaker than when I'm halfway through a diaper change and he's trying to flip onto his stomach...or when I'm trying to release his grip on my hair. He's amazingly quick to pull off his socks and shoes too. They're his favorite things to chew on and he can pull off a sock before I can get his shoe on his foot. So most of the time when we're home, he's barefoot. Its just not worth it. ;)

Reid has tasted rice cereal, bananas and sweet potatoes so far and he loves all of it. Feeding him requires a bib and a stack of napkins because that constant moving of his means food gets dripped and spattered everywhere!

I'm so excited to see this little boy's personality develop in the coming months as he learns to sit up and then becomes mobile soon after. He is the most curious, kissable baby and he brings all of us so much joy!

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