Christmas in Indiana 2016

We drove north to Deric's parents house after church on Christmas Day and spent most of the week with them and Deric's brother's family. Jake plays with his cousins non-stop and Reid gets doted on by his grandparents which means Deric gets to read his new books, I get to color in my new coloring book (I still haven't finished Lost Ocean, my gift from Deric last year!) and we're all happy as can be.

Christmas morning is of course the highlight for the kids and the first gift Jake opened this year was a bike! He attempted to ride it right away but the carpet made it tricky so we took it outside the following morning to get some practice. He was also excited for Magna Tiles and has played with them almost every day since. He mostly makes ice cream cones and castles with them. We've already realized we'll have to buy more tiles soon because he's a bit limited in what he can build right now but with more shapes, the possibilities are really going to be endless...for him and for his dad. ;) I'm not much of an engineer but to my defense, I did teach him how to build an ice cream cone!

When we would ask Jake what he wanted for Christmas he'd usually tell us that he wanted trains or another toy he already had, so we made a Christmas list for him. We took a chance with the little guitar since he has no other musical toys and thankfully he loves it! He pulls it out every now and then and strums it while singing totally non-sensical but really cute songs. The fireman costume is also a hit! He'll ask me if there's fire in my room and if I need him to put it out, which of course I always do. ;)

Reid napped through the beginning of morning but woke up later and was perfectly content to rip wrapping paper off his gifts and ignore the actual gifts entirely. I love Christmas with babies!

This little reindeer is always set out by the Christmas tree and of course, Jake pushes the button to hear the song about a hundred times over the course of a week. But this year he learned (most of) the song and I was dying when he sang it for me! He is so funny.

Jake + Rudolph from Ashley Skinner on Vimeo.

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