Reid // 7 months

This baby is just the best! He is hands down the favorite of the family...and I'm pretty sure he knows it. We have to watch him every second if he's not strapped into his high chair or playing in his exersaucer because he can roll so quickly across the room and his big brother has a few too many tiny toys all over the floor most days. And man, if I try to take away a toy he will cry and cry until we give him a suitable replacement! I don't remember temper tantrums starting this early with Jake so we'll see how this progresses. ;) Feeding Reid--baby food or nursing-- has become a challenge if Jake's around because all of Reid's attention is on Jake. I'm about to just teach Jake how to feed him with a spoon so they can keep each other busy for a few minutes. ;)

That tuft of hair kills me! I debated trimming it since most of his hair is short and fuzzy now, but this picture changed my mind. 

Reid loves to smack his lips together in that little smile, all the while drooling like crazy!

I hope hope hope those blue eyes are here to stay!

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