"Take a Look, It's in a Book..."

Anyone else watch that show when they were little? (I have to admit, I always judge books by their covers. The Reading Rainbow guy wouldn't be very happy with me.) 

Yesterday, I got my membership at the nearby library and I am psyched. I hate buying books because it gets so expensive, but I also hate having to reread my books because I don't buy more. Its a catch-22, really. So the library saved my day! I spent forever in the library yesterday just wandering around and soaking it in before actually getting any books. And then when I did start finding books, I felt like I couldn't stop...

This stack of books is definitely the first of many I'll be bringing home. I get so excited when I have brand new books to read! I've already started the top book, The Friday Night Knitting Club, and I LOVE it. I highly recommend it (and hopefully still will when I finish it). I also got a Martha Steward cookie cookbook so I can look for more Christmas cookie recipes, a few home solutions books, and a historical biography for Deric. Plenty to keep me busy for the next week or so :)

On a side note, we're just about finished painting the living room. We only bought one gallon of paint since the room didn't seem that big but we ended up running out of paint, despite our efforts to stretch the paint as far as it could go. Once we finish up the last wall, I'll post the pictures.

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