Too Much Multi-tasking

Now, I pride myself on the fact that I can multi-task like no one's business. I've always been a multi-tasker, but I refined my technique during college as I worked my you-know-what off to get outta there a year early. But this week, I may have gone a little overboard.

Here's what I/we have been trying to accomplish before Christmas (and all at the same time..):
-Paint the living room
-Paint the kitchen so the living room & kitchen aren't almost the same color
-Christmas shopping
-Working part-time
-Picking out curtains for the living room
-Sewing curtains for the kitchen
-Trying new recipes for dinner each night so we don't eat the same three things over & again
-Organizing our closet so we can both fit our stuff in
-Baking Christmas cookies for when the extended family visits
-Painting & arranging frames for a wall collage (crossing my fingers that it looks good)

(Oh, and not to mention: sleeping, spending time with Deric, and reading my library books.)

Deric's been helping with the big projects such as painting but as for the rest of the projects, I've brought those upon myself. All of these projects have been started but not a single one finished yet. However, as I write, Deric is finishing up the kitchen so tomorrow I'll have one less thing on the list! I'm off to work on those kitchen curtains...my first sewing project. Gulp.

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