Hey! We're Deric and Ashley, and this is the first blog for either of us. We're pretty nervous about starting our own blog, but we think it'll be a great way to remember more of our first years together. Plus, we hope to share more of our life with our family and friends that live far away.

To start off, let me (Ashley) introduce ourselves. We got married June 27 of this past summer in Suffolk, Virginia. I'm from Virginia and Deric is a tried-and-true Indiana boy. We're currently living right outside Indianapolis. This past week, we moved into Deric's grandparents' former house and are really enjoying the process of making the house our own home. We're both currently working in the area, and we're both looking for jobs that are more suited to what we studied in college (me, teaching; Deric, ministry). In the meantime, we're thanking God for each other, our home, and our jobs, and enjoying our first few months together!

**Side note: This blog will mostly be written by Ashley, with a few 'guest posts' by Deric. But Deric will probably be the subject of most posts, which is better suited to his personality:)

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