Criss-crossing the Country

Well, we can add two more states to the quickly-growing list of states Deric and I have visited recently. Last weekend we flew to Oklahoma to look at a church, flew home late Sunday night, worked Monday, then drove to West Virginia Monday night. We stayed in WV for two nights and drove home Wednesday. It was an exhausting weekend/week, but we really enjoyed both visits.

The weather in Oklahoma was in the upper 70s and sunny, which felt so good since it was raining and sleeting in Indiana. We had a great time meeting members of the staff and the congregation. The best part of the trip was Saturday night, when the church had a get-together with the 20s & 30s class so we could meet the people that were close to our age. None of the churches we've visited in the past did this, and we were so glad that OK did. Most churches tell us that there are young couples our age in the church, but we'd get to Sunday morning, look around the church, and see maybe one or two people without gray hair. (Slight exaggeration-- maybe three or four...) So it was really nice to actually meet the younger couples, plus they were all really friendly. The senior minister and his wife were great too, as were the elders. All that said, we're praying about it and we know the church is praying about it and we'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

In West Virginia, we were checking out a church camp that needed a Facilities Director. West Virginia was beautiful-- loved the mountains and the views. The camp was beautiful too. It was in a great location: next to a river and tucked away in the mountains, but only ten minutes from the biggest mall in West Virginia. It'd be nice to have plenty of things to do and places to go right nearby, but to come home and feel like you're far away from all the traffic and noise. However, Deric didn't feel like that was the job he needed to be at and the camp felt the same way. We're okay with it. It was an enjoyable and relaxing trip for us and we're glad that both sides came to the same conclusion.

For all five of you who read this blog, Deric and I would both love if you'd pray for us as we continue this process of job searching. We've been talking with a few churches just recently that may lead to more weekend visits, plus we're waiting on decisions from churches we've already visited. As always, we're praying for discernment and patience so that we make the right decision.

On a side note, I've seen a really cute project that may come in handy after all this traveling...

(I don't remember whose blog this is from, but Court- 
I think it may be from a blog you follow. Let me know
 if you find it so I can give credit.)

So far, we've visited Illinois, Washington DC, North Carolina, Michigan, Oklahoma and West Virginia. If we counted non-church-related trips, we could add Jamaica and England. But then I'd have to make a whole world map and that's just too much work when we're traveling every other weekend :)


  1. uh yeah, you need to figure out where the map came from because id like to know too! :) Now that you're done traveling (for the time being) let's catch up soon! The last time we did was right before Canada (okay.. michigan..) so we have a lot to catch up on!

  2. i haven't found the source of the map yet, but i do remember that she made it by tracing a map onto a roll of thin cork and then used an x-acto knife (or something similar) to cut it out.