(Slowly) Going Green

Spring is slowly, slowly arriving up here in Indiana, so all we've got in our yard is shades of green. No signs of other colors yet-- we did have two daffodils bloom, but the huge storms we've had knocked them right out. Yesterday was the first sunny day we've had in a few days and is apparently the last sunny day for another week, so I snapped a few pictures outside while I had a nice blue backdrop.

You probably noticed they're all close-up pictures. That's because the rest of our yard looks horrendous and is definitely not photo-worthy. The grass has to be at least a foot high thanks to all the storms that keep the grass growing and the lawn mower safely in the shed. :)

As for other things that are slowly going green, I realized the same could be said of Deric and me. (Deep, huh, how it works on two levels?!) I'm certainly no expert on being green, but I try to recycle everything and flip off lights when they're not in use, etc. Small things. I know a lot more can be done and I want to get better at it. If you're like me, the book The Gospel According to the Earth by Dr. Matthew Sleeth is incredibly motivating and will really kick you in the pants. I haven't read the entire book, but what I did read was pretty eye-opening. If I remember correctly (I read it last fall, give me a sec), Sleeth talks about God's command for humans to be stewards of the earth and how caring for the earth is a spiritual act of worship. Its good. Now I'm wondering if the book will be at the library because I really do want to finish reading it and I'm heading there anyways to renew Scrubs...

Anyway, happy Earth Day! Go get your reusable mug and head to Starbucks for a free cup of coffee!

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  1. We read Sleeth's "Serve God, Save the Planet." It was excellent! Really changed how we thought about trash and materialism.