A few days ago, Deric sent me a text saying that he'd ripped a hole in his Carhartts and needed me to sew it before work the next day. I forgot about it when I got home that night and he told me it was no big deal; I could do it tomorrow. I forgot it again the next day and Deric told me he really needed it sewn because it was getting bigger. So that night, I grabbed his Carhartts, shook off all the excess dirt while in our mudroom, and brought them out in the living room to take a look.

At first, I thought no big deal. He'd already gone two more days without me sewing the hole (which is in the crotch, by the way).

But if you look close...

yep, definitely a hole. I felt bad that I forgot two days in a row and let the hole rip halfway down the leg. Well, almost. By this point, I was kinda ticked at myself for waiting until 10pm to take a look, thinking that it'd be a tiny tear that would take five minutes to sew closed. Instead, it took me at least half an hour to wrangle the fabric enough to even get it under the sewing needle. I'm lucky my sewing machine didn't break trying to break through such thick fabric. But I did manage to sew it closed, so all is well. Good thing, huh? I could tell you were really worried ;)


  1. Good thing you asked for a sewing machine for your birthday! That "little" hole would have taken a lot of time if you had to do it by hand. Glad you have your man covered again!

  2. I just think it's funny that he CONTINUED to wear them like that!!