Fried Fungi

I got home from work the other day and sitting on the kitchen counter was a bowl of what I swore were brains of some sort. They were floating in dirty brown water and I couldn't figure out for the life of me where they'd come from. I asked Deric what they were and he calmly replied, "Morels." I've never heard of morels so I had to ask for a little more information. He told me (and I'm sure all of you know this already) that morels are mushrooms that grow up here in the spring and are apparently pretty tasty.

 A guy at work had given them to Deric so he was going to fry them later for dinner. I went ahead with my plans for dinner 'cause there was no way I was eating mushrooms, especially when they looked like little brains.

Deric's mom came over later than night and ended up helping him fry the morels. (I have to admit, they smelled pretty good-- but then again, anything frying smells good.) They both ate the morels and said they tasted good, especially with ranch, but I couldn't bring myself to try one. I'm sure the taste would be fine, but the texture.. Blech. Guess I missed out, but I'm alright with it. No fungi for me:)

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