A Goodbye Gift

 A few days ago, these poppies popped up outside of our house. Before they bloomed, I'd assumed we had a ton of killer almost-waist-high weeds, and I just didn't see the point in weeding when we were leaving in a week or so. So (thankfully) I left them alone, and one morning as I walked to my car to go to work, I saw the first bright red-orange flower.

Over the next few days, more of them bloomed and made a mini-oasis for me in our front yard :) I've always loved pictures and paintings of poppies because they're so bright and their petals are so paper-thin, and I was very excited to see some close-up. Sadly, we only got to enjoy them for a few days but they certainly spruced up moving day...at least for me. I'm not sure Deric really noticed and/or cared. It was so fun to be surprised by all the different flowers that bloomed in our front yard this spring and it made me sad to leave them behind, especially considering the daffodils hadn't yet bloomed.

But at the same time, we all know how happy I am to be moving, so here's to new houses and new gardens!

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