The Wait is Over

After at least a year of searching and searching for a ministry thats a good fit, the wait is finally over! Deric accepted a position as youth minister at a church in Farragut, Tennessee. (Side note: We had our first "date" there: Texas Roadhouse & a movie. I say "date" because we were still pretending we were just friends at that point:)) The entire process with this church took less than a month, which is crazy but fantastic. Everything fell into place throughout the month which encouraged our feeling that this is where we're supposed to be. Its a wonderful church full of the friendliest people we've probably ever met. Its located in a beautiful area of Knoxville close to friends we know from JBC. Deric knows a few of the local youth ministers which will be a great support system for him. Our housing is already worked out and is perfect for us.

The list of blessings goes on and on, and we're both so glad that we waited out this process and didn't settle at another church just to have a job. So was the year of searching worth it? Definitely. But I'm still so, so glad its over :) Now we're on to the fun stuff: packing, putting in our two weeks at work (hallelujah!), planning for the new house, and on Deric's end, rereading all those youth ministry books he has from JBC.

God has been so incredibly good to us throughout the past year, and He continues to provide for us. We certainly don't deserve all these blessings so we're very thankful for each one. A huge thank you goes to all of you who continually prayed for us and encouraged us, and we'd love if you'd continue to do both!

Rocky Top, here we come!

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  1. You two have been patient and waited for God's lead; enjoy His blessings!