80s Night

The women at church get together once a month for Girls' Night Out. Each month, a different woman hosts the party and its never the same thing. In the nine months we've lived here, I've been to a town-wide scavenger hunt, Bingo, a campfire, an ornament swap, and a few others I can't think of at the moment. This month was 80s night.

Normally, I'm not big into costumes. But I happened to luck out (for once) at the local Goodwill and found the best/worst dress. The best because it is definitely from the 80s and perfect for the occasion. The worst because, well, its from the 80s.

Before the shindig, I went over to Melanie's so she could tease my hair. I hate hairspray, teasing, and gel so I knew I wouldn't be able to tease my hair big enough on my own. Melanie had no problem doing it for me. She also had no problem applying a liberal amount of blue, pink and yellow eyeshadow. I just took deep breaths until it was over. ;)

The result:

Melanie, with innumerable accessories. Its no surprise she won best costume!

Me, not so accessorized but certainly linebacker-worthy. Can you believe those shoulder pads?? They were literally two inches past my shoulders. I'll never understand it. Sadly my 80s hair didn't last long, despite tons of hairspray and gel.

A group shot:

As much fun as it was to dress up for one night, I am honestly so thankful I didn't grow up in the 80s. I was awkward and dorky enough without old pictures of bangs, shoulder pads and tight-rolled jeans to haunt me. :)


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