Twenty Four

Birthday 2012 was definitely one to remember. Combined efforts by Deric, my family, and my friends made it just a really good, fun, happy day...which is all I need. Plus, it was 70 degrees out. That makes everything so much better.

Deric and I celebrated over the weekend. Birthday stop #1: Jet's Pizza. Deep dish pizza and a Coke for $4, and literally a one-minute drive from our house. Its a deadly combination.

Stop #2: Kan-Pai for dinner. No pictures, as I was literally scarfing down my fried rice and chicken (both doused in an ungodly amount of shrimp sauce).

As per last year, we continued our pretty-much-new tradition to make our own photo booth on my birthday.

Yesterday was my actual day of birth. Sadly, Deric worked so the only sad part of my day was that I didn't get to spend much time with him. But the rest of the day was great. ;) Started off with lunch with a good friend (dang, no pics!). Spent the afternoon (the 70 degree afternoon, remember) at the park with another good friend and her two adorable children. Said children both picked out a balloon for me, which was so sweet. Followed up the park with Menchie's...delish.

Deric and I had to celebrate over the weekend because last night, we attended a banquet for his middle school basketball team. (Not surprisingly, they're just as awkward as when I was in middle school.) And to top off a fantastic birth day/weekend, I chatted via Facetime with my parents. How'd I do that? With my new iPhone that my parents so graciously gifted to me! Best ending to a great day, even if it did mean I got hassled by the Verizon guy to buy every dang accessory in their store. Credit card swiper-thing? No thanks.

(So yes, you can expect many, many more pictures to be showing up on this here blog-- such as this one, my Instagram test run-- thanks to a better phone camera.)

Birthday #24, you were awesome. Thank you so much to all my wonderful family and friends who a part of it! Love you all!

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