I Think I May Be Crazy...

...because I let Sarah talk me into doing the Cooper River Bridge Run (a 10K race) in just five weeks. This is crazy because a 10K is 6 miles. I currently max out at 2.5 miles. There is no way I'll be running six miles by the end of March...or ever. I should also mention that the run goes over a bridge (hence the name) and its approximately 1.5 miles up the bridge. Ouch.

So we definitely will be running and walking this race. I'm pushing myself to get back to three miles by race day so that I can say I at least ran half.

On a more positive note, thoughts of this race definitely get me motivated to run more. Let's hope this motivation stays with me, cause this could be the first year I actually do something to get in shape for the summer! (Usually that motivation hits me a week before we go to the beach...not so productive.)

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