I drove up to Indiana last Sunday to spend the week with Courtney and Isaac. I was recruited to help with house projects before the new baby comes, to help entertain Isaac, and to keep Court sane while Tim was out of town for the week...so not really a vacation, but it was still fun! I also went to Courtney's Zumba class, which was way more fun than running in the heat. (I'm now looking for Zumba classes in Knoxville, Court, be proud.)

Our projects for the week included sorting baby girl clothes (she'll be good to go for the next 18 years!), painting Isaac's big boy room, and painting the master bedroom. That's quite a workload for only three full days, but we got it all done--and mostly during nap time. We also managed to find time for ice cream (twice), swimming with friends, baseball in the backyard, and the splash park. I got home late last night and (naturally) slept in today to recover. :)

I couldn't resist snapping a million pictures of Isaac throughout the week. He's just so darn cute!
1. Cooling off his noodles 2. Blue Moon ice cream (and wow does he look like Tim!) 3. baseball in the backyard 4. "down, set, hike!" 5. splash park...for 3 minutes 6. stories before bedtime 7. breakfast buddy 8. ready for the library with his backpack 9. Mom's belly is a nice place to sit 10. funny faces 11. all good pirates use two swords 12. 'painting' 13. ordering ice cream in his skivvies 14. playing cars 15. as soon as i told him Mom was on her way home, he yelled "HIDE!" and dove behind the chair

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  1. A million times thank you! We got a lot done and you totally kept me from doing anything crazy;)