Late Night Baking

The absence of a dishwasher in our house really curbs my desire to bake. Scraping the hardened dough off mixing bowls, spatulas and the mixing paddle...no thank you. On the rare occasions that I do bake, however, I usually bake more than one thing. All the dishes are gettin' dirty anyways, so I try to make the most of it.

Monday night, the desire to bake hit me around 10pm. After a quick run to Kroger for eggs, I got to baking. First up was banana bread, which Deric loves and I hate. (Made the house smell soo good though!) After that came strawberry yogurt muffins in order to use up some strawberries almost on their last legs. Deric gave the banana bread a 10; I gave the muffins a 9. Two new recipes conquered and added to my repertoire. I love it when that happens!


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