Grow, Garden, Grow!

Just a quick update on how things are looking in our garden. (Partially so that next year, I know what to expect; partially because I'm just so proud of our little plants for not only surviving, but actually producing something!) Since the last update, I haven't noticed much growth in the height of the plants but thats probably because they're all working hard to produce some baby veggies. The tomatoes are taking off and we've got tons that are green. Only one starting to turn red so far, but I'm sure the rest will catch up.

Not pictured: The green onions are growing white on the tips, which I take as a good sign cause that's what the green onions at Walmart look like. Watermelon seeds sprouted but are still only about three inches tall. Time will tell. The corn is above my knees and almost to Deric's, so its right on track to be "knee high by the fourth of July" as the saying goes. No visible progress on the peppers, but they at least still look healthy.

As for the green beans, we've already picked a few and popped them right in our mouth! Nothing's better than straight-outta-the-garden crunchy green beans. That was on Saturday; already (Wednesday) there's a ton more beans ready to take their place.

Lastly, I bought two more strawberry plants yesterday to take the place of our strawberry transplant that didn't survive. I stuck the new plants in separate planters to give them some space. I'm crossing my fingers that these ones survive and give us strawberries for strawberry pie!

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