3 years (give or take a few weeks)

On our actual anniversary, my sisters and mom were in town so we spent the day with them and decided to celebrate after they left town. Last Saturday night, we headed to the brand new Cheesecake Factory for dinner (and definitely dessert). But honestly, the night didn't play out how I would have liked. Torrential rain all weekend dropped the temperature so low we were both wearing jeans and long sleeves, which was no fun since it meant I had to bust out my maternity jeans again. That, combined with my stomach's disagreement with my meal (tmi, sorry) didn't put me in a great mood by the end of the night. Since I wasn't feeling too hot we headed home pretty early, but the night did improve from that point forward. We collected Jake from our friends' house and spent the remainder of the evening how we usually spend our evenings: playing with Jake, watching an episode or two of our favorite show (currently, New Girl), and just being together. I even managed to eat some of the cheesecake we'd brought home...bonus! So while the anniversary date wasn't as fabulous as I'd hoped it would be, it actually made me even more thankful for Deric and for our relationship. Because we can still have a good time together even when plans don't work out, when we feel lousy, or when the day is just an ordinary day. Even those ordinary days are a blessing with Deric...and Jake! Happy three years Deric, you are without a doubt the best.

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  1. LOVE that first pic of you and Jake! Such a cute family!