beach + baby

One of my goals while in Virginia was to make it to the beach, if only for a few hours. Well, I made my goal but we only lasted a meager thirty minutes. Like I mentioned in the last post, I'd almost forgotten how humid Virginia can get. Mom, Jake and I headed out mid-morning to Virginia Beach, planning to spend a couple hours on the beach before meeting my dad for lunch. We lugged all our stuff out (the stroller moves surprisingly well on sand), I got a quick dip in the ocean, and then we turned right around because poor Jake's cheeks were just a bit too red. His first trip to the beach wasn't too memorable, but lunch with Dad (not to mention the crabcakes he recommended) redeemed the trip and made the drive worth it.

The next day, Jake took his first dip in my parents' pool and it went significantly better than the beach fiasco. Its a shame he doesn't have a swimsuit in his size yet, but he didn't seem to mind a seriously heavy diaper. The boy's got two swimsuits already lined up for next summer, so we'll be sure to do both the pool and beach again!

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